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Orb Set Red Orb Set Red

Orb Set Red

Merk: Max Climbing

Ophalen van de voorraad

De producten van Maxclimbing zijn de meest innovatieve trainigsproducten die tot nu toe op de markt zijn gekomen. Elk van de vier systemen (Crimpgimp, Maxgrip, Orb en Rockblob) kan op meerdere manieren gebruikt worden en staat een polyvalente training toe. Beter dan dit zul je voorlopig niet vinden. Ook Anak Verhoeven, momenteel onze sterkste Belgische klimster, traint met deze producten.

  • Ergonomic campus hold
  • Great for dynamic climbing
  • Improves finger and fore-arm strength

The Orbs are based in design on our Rockblobs. This simpler, smaller 80mm diameter variation is perfect for campusing, warm-up and pinch strength improvement. Mount several Orbs sets in your favourite colours to spark up your training: track your progress as you reach a new, higher colour every training cycle. Or just order the Orbs campus set

(For the night owls among us: glow in the dark orbs are available upon request.)

Don’t have a bolt on wall at home? Check out the Basewood for your ultimate home climbing wall. Using the Basewood to mount the Orbs on allows you to easily change the shoulder width of the holds or put one hold higher than the other for uneven loads. Mounted on a vertical wall, the orbs are great for upper body strength exercises and easy finger strength exercises.

Set includes:

  • 2 x orb hold
  • 2 x M10 bolt + T-nut
  • selection from 11 standard colours (custom colours available upon request)

*This polyurethane hold is designed according to the NEN-EN 12572-3-2008 standard, assuring a strong and reliable design.

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