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Puresilk Liner Gloves

Merk: Silkbody

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Our unisex silk gloves are an ideal liner glove for added insulation and to keep hands dry and comfortable.
Our 100% silk knit fabric is the softest natural fabric you will find! Worn on their own, these silk gloves allow you to maintain dexterity while providing a layer of warmth.
You can even use your iPhone, iPad or tablet's touchscreen without taking them off! Great for motorcycling, skiing and snow sports as a glove liner or use on their own for exercising or driving on a cold morning.

  •     100% silk (PURESILK)
  •     Women usually wear XS or S, men M or L
  •     Machine washable using a delicates/wool detergent. See our Washing Guidelines for more information.
  •     Designed in New Zealand.

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