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W's Alpine Ascent Nd 28

Merk: Lowe Alpine

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The Alpine Ascent ND 28 is clean and lightweight, the ideal companion on high alpine peaks, winter climbs and summer rock routes.

The Alpine Ascent ND 28 offers you the refined geometry of our carefully designed women’s back systems, making super comfortable and a secure carry. This lightweight, top-loading 28 litre pack is an ideal size to carry the kit you'll need for day out climbing. It features gear loops, a top tensioner rope holder and harness compatibility, making it brilliant for long summer rock climbs high in the mountains. Ever versatile however, the Alpine Ascent 28 is also fully equipped to take on snow and ice with our unique double HeadLocker ice axe attachment system, mitt-friendly winter buckles and ice screw krab slots.

Gewicht: 0,87kg
Afmeting: 54 x 30 x 23cm
Inhoud: 28

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