M's Maddox Lo

De luchtige, lichte en ademende multifunctionele MADDOX LO van LOWA voelt zich thuis op elk terrein. Dankzij de non-slip Enduro Evo zool lopen sportievelingen bij elke training gegarandeerd meer kilometers dan ze vooraf hadden gepland. Dit lichte en zeer goed ademende multitalent is voorzien van een dubbel aangegoten LOWADynaPU zool, die zelfs onder de zwaarste omstandigheden betrouwbaar comfort biedt.
149.95 € 149.95 EUR

M's Nepal Evo Gtx

Evolution of the model Nepal Extreme, ideal for technical use on high elevation terrain and ice. The usage of the insulating Gore-Tex®/Duratherm® lining makes it completely waterproof and breathable. The upper features the “3D Flex System” hinge, innovative system of multidirectional ankle hinge, combined with an elastic anatomical snow protection in the back, with a small integrated elastic gaiter. New snug fitting and comfortable last. The insulating Ibi-Thermo footbed gives the boot exceptional insulation from the cold. New tapered HP3 midsole and shock absorbing PU inserts in the area under the heel and the ball of the foot. New exclusive sole with the innovative technology IBS (Impact Brake System), developed in collaboration with Vibram®, designed to soften impact on hard ground. Removable insulating footbed. New removable tongue with incorporated ventilation system, gives the option of adjusting the fit, personalized for any foot. The EZ OUT pull loop (Patented) facilitates the unlocking of the lace lock. The new model weights only 2050 grams per pair.
438.95 € 438.95 EUR

M's Outback 500 Gtx

With a clean, modern look, the OUTBACK 500 GTX expresses its lightweight even before you slide your foot into it. And with a sculpted collar and Advanced Chassis with EnergyCell, it offers superior mobility as well. OUTBACK still provides all the protection you need for rugged trails, with more comfort and less weight.
179.95 € 179.95 EUR

M's Outline Gtx

Some adventures are equal parts connecting with friends, having fun outside, and discovering new places. The sleek OUTline GTX is ideally suited to such adventures, with lightweight and flexibility like a running shoe, but enough grip and protection for any trail.
129.95 € 129.95 EUR

M's Renegade LL Lo

Het cultmodel onder de multifunctionele schoenen is bij uitstek geschikt voor lichte wandelingen en ommetjes. De voering van leer zorgt bij de RENEGADE LL LO van LOWA voor een altijd aangenaam voetklimaat, terwijl de DynaPU tussenzool de noodzakelijke demping biedt. De bovenkant van nubuckleer garandeert een perfecte pasvorm en een zeer goede stabiliteit.
179.95 € 179.95 EUR

M's Robin Light GTX

De Robin Light GTX is een lichte en zeer comfortabele vrijetijdsschoen en laat zich ook graag dragen tijdens langere wandelingen op niet al te ruig terrein. De stabiele Hanwag Multifilm Light zool biedt een uitstekende demping en een soepele afrolbeweging. De Gore-Tex voering houdt de voeten droog en zorgt voor een goed voetklimaat.
189.95 € 189.95 EUR

M's Strato Evo LL Lo

Met deze trendy allrounder kun je overal aankomen! Het eenvoudige design in combinatie met de leerstempeling, maken van de STRATO EVO LL LO van LOWA een metgezel voor vrijwel elke gelegenheid. De tussenzool van DynaPU biedt de noodzakelijke demping en de hoogwaardige leren voering staat garant voor een zeer aangenaam voetklimaat. Met deze schoen kan een ommetje zomaar uitgroeien tot een flinke wandeling.
169.95 € 169.95 EUR

M's Trango Tower Gtx

The uppers are made with the exclusive high tenacity fabric with differentiated abrasion resistant zones and Honey-Comb Guard™ reinforcements positioned in the areas most subject to abrasion. The aesthetic Trango line with seams minimized achieves the reduction of weight, also contributing to this is the Vibram sole with the exclusive La Sportiva Cube design with lightened thicknesses. The Gore-Tex Performance Comfort membrane guarantees water resistance and breathability. The 3D-Flex System allows for better control on holds. The differentiated lacing system between the upper and the lower part of the boot allows for perfect adjustment of volume for optimal wearing comfort. The Trango series is enriched with increasingly technical and aesthetic contents in advance of its time.
309.95 € 309.95 EUR

M's Trango Trek Micro EVO GTX

It adopts the ankle 3D Flex System multidirectional joint which ensures ankle support and mobility in all directions. Thanks to its characteristics and to the new sole, this model is ideal for walking off trails on rough terrain, difficult trekking and walking with heavy loads. It is available in a women’s version based on studies of the female foot’s morphology.
218.95 € 218.95 EUR

M's X Ultra 3 Gtx

A best seller, the X ULTRA 3 GTX® has evolved into an even more effective hiking shoe. Thanks to Descent Control technology, it efficiently tackles technical hikes and really shines during tough descents. Wear this pair and head downhill with a spring in your step, even in wet conditions
139.95 € 139.95 EUR

M's X Ultra 3 Mid Gtx

A best seller, the X ULTRA MID 3 GTX® has evolved into an even more effective hiking shoe thanks to Descent Control technology that efficiently tackles technical hikes and really shines during tough descents. Wear this pair and head downhill with a spring in your step, even in wet conditions.
159.95 € 159.95 EUR

M's X Ultra 3 Wide Mid Gtx

The ever popular X ULTRA 3 WIDE MID GTX® offers the lightweight precision and foothold you need for technical ascents and descents, with a wider fit. Utilizing Descent Control Technology, this shoe hugs your feet comfortably for more confidence to attack the downhill's.
159.95 € 159.95 EUR