Pioneer X, 93mm, Alox


The Pioneer X is the first Pioneer Swiss Army Knife ever to feature a pair of precision scissors. They're perfect for opening packages, snipping string, clipping out articles and so much more. They make an excellent addition to a pocket knife that already includes a versatile steel blade, a sharpened reamer and a host of other functions. And you'll find them all in the same beautifully designed, remarkably durable and exceptionally resilient package that so many people have come to love.

  • Hoogte:14,9 mm
  • Lengte:93 mm
  • Gewicht:94,5 g
  • Large blade
  • Scissors
  • Reamer, punch
  • Can opener
  • Screwdriver 3 mm
  • Bottle opener
  • Screwdriver 7.5 mm
  • Wire stripper
  • Key ring
  • 47.95 € 47.95 EUR

    47.95 €