Black Diamond Atc-pilot

Black Diamond

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The lightweight Black Diamond ATC Pilot represents an advance in technology for the world of assisted braking devices. Providing an added level of security to your belay, the ATC Pilot threads similarly to other tubular belay devices and accommodates ropes from 8.7-10.5mm.
The durable steel braking surface has no moving parts, and the smooth and secure control allows for gradual lowering. With an easy rope payout, the ATC Pilot makes single-pitch projecting burns less tiring for the belayer and more secure for the climber.


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Weight : 92 g
    • Single rope use
      Ergonomic, non-slip surface
      Steel construction
      Controlled lowering
      Smooth rope payout
      Provides an added level of security to single pitch belays
      Accommodates ropes from 8.7-10.5