Lightwave Tent S22 Sigma


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Product description

Single-wall tents have always been a rarity in trekking. The age-old problem of condensation has traditionally inhibited their mainstream use. The sigma range uses a new fabric technology that effectively resolves this fundamental issue. The benefits of single-wall tents are three-fold. First, using the same pole-lengths as a double-wall tent, they are much more spacious: the gap between inner and flysheet becomes part of your internal space. Second, by disposing of the inner-wall, you are eliminating a lot of fabric and therefore, saving weight. Finally, they are simpler to pitch: there is no two-step process or need for any kind of connection between inner and flysheet. As a consequence, not only are our new sigma tents incredibly light, but they are also extraordinarily spacious. These tents are optimised for trekking and feature a large porch for storage and easy access. Inside they have generous headroom making for comfortable living. Pitching is simple and quick, and the tents are virtually free-standing and require minimal pegging.

Product attributes

Categories: 2-Persoons Tenten
Personen: 2
Gewicht: 1,725 kg
Afmetingen (l x b x h): 230 x 130 x 110 cm
Luifel: 2 x 60 cm
Buitenzeil: 60 g/m² 20d nylon ripstop
Luifel: 51 g/m2, 30d nylon 6.6 ripstop
Grondzeil: 70 g/m² 40d ripstop nylon, TPU gelamineerd
Waterkolom buitenzeil: 20.000 mm
Waterkolom luifel: 3000 mm
Waterkolom grondzeil: 10.000 mm
Verpakt formaat: 50 x 16 cm


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